JB Sandwich Panels are highly sophisticated building products, produced with profiled Pre- Painted Zinc Coated / Galvalume Coated Steel and combined with Polyurethane as the insulation material. There are different range of colours & cut-to-length in our factory and supplied ready-to-install. We also supply Sandwich Puff Panels for Cold Room applications.

JB Thermo Roof/Wall®

It’s a structural Panel Having a trapezoidal profile on top side and a ribbed liner tray on underside with insulation core sandwiched. There is no match for factory made panels which alone can ensure precise dimensions strict control & bulk supplies. It is highly suitable for energy efficient, comfortable, faster construction, with cost effectiveness.

In addition to the panels, a complete range of accessories such as Skylights, Flashings & Trims, Joineries & Fasteners, Foam Fillers, Sealants & Mastics, Kerbs are also offered.

Product Range

  PUR & PIR Cores Rockwool Core
Thickness Range(mm) 25,30,40,50,60,80,100  4.11

JB Thermo Coldwell®

Coldwell Panels are unique tongue-n-groovy joinery for air tight, effective panel-to-panel interlocking that is easy to install and provides effective seal. Two types of Panels, single groove & double groove systems are offered.

These panels are suitable for Buildings & Shelters, Cold Rooms & Cold Chambers.

Product Range

    PUR & PIR Cores Rockwool Core
Thickness Range(mm) Coldwell-1 30,40,50,60,80,100 mm 40,60,80,100 mm
Thickness Range(mm) Coldwell-2 80,100,120,150 mm  

PU Panel Properties

Characteristics Value
Temperature Range -60 ˚c to +100 ˚c
Density 40±2 Kg/m ³
Compressive Strength ≥ 110 kPa
Adhesion Strength 300 kPa
Tensile Strength 370 Kpa
Water Absorption 0.2% Max. At R.H 98 %
Water Vapour Permeability 5.5 ng/psam
Thermal Conductivity ≤0.02 W/m.K at 23 ˚c
Fire Property Self Extinguishing
Dimensional Stability 2% by Volume
Closed Cell Content ≥ 95%
Shear with Metal Sheet 160kPa

What’s New

  • January-2014
          Jindal Buildsys Bags Chimique India Ltd project, Hissar (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags N.K Construction project, Ambala (Haryana)

  • December-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags Minda Projects Ltd project, Manesar (Haryana)

  • November-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags Huda City Centre Food Court project, Gurgaon (Haryana)

  • October-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags DMRC CC-52, project, (Delhi)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags DMRC CC-45 project, (Delhi)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags DMRC CC-54 project, (Delhi)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags MRMC Foods Ltd project, Firozpur(Punjab)

  • September-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags Firozpur Foods Ltd project, Firozpur (Punjab)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags Crown Rice project, Amritsar (Punjab)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags Roki Minda Pvt.Ltd project, Bawal (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags Universal Industrial Mfg Plants Ltd project, Bhiwadi (Rajasthan)

  • August-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags AFS Hanger project, Tezpur (Assam)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags Shree Nangal Rice Mill project, Gurdaspur (Punjab)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags Incotech Ltd project, Bawal (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags Shakti Coatings project, Ahmadgarh (Punjab)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags JBM Autosystem Ltd project, Pathredi (Rajasthan)

  • June-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags Stylam Industries Ltd project, Panchkula (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags DD International project, Karnal (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags Haryana Liquors Pvt. Ltd project, Chandigarh

         Jindal Buildsys Bags Roots Warehousing Solutions project, Gurgaon (Haryana)

  • May-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags Sandhar Technologies Ltd project, Bawal (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags JNB Steel project, Hissar (Haryana

  • April-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Prem Industries project. Karnal (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags-Sandhar Technologies Ltd. Project. Bawal (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags-Expotec International Ltd.Project-Ghana & Ivory Cost

  • March-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Rahul Pam Pvt Ltd.Project Karnal (Haryana)

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-JBM Auto Limited. Project Pathredi (Haryana)

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Longo walia Yarns Limited.Project Ludhiana (Punjab)

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Aromatrix Flora Pvt Ltd. Project Solan (HP)

  • February-2013
         Jindal Buildsys Bags-DMRC-J.Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. Project Delhi

         Jindal Buildsys Bags-The Indure Pvt Ltd. Project Orrisa

         Jindal Buildsys Bags-Uttam Galva, Project Bawal (Haryana)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags-AB Refer Warehousing, Project Baddi (H.P.)

         Jindal Buildsys Bags-Rapid Metro IL & FS Rail Limited. Project Gurgaon (Haryana)

  • January-2013
          Jindal Buildsys Bags-SNB Enterprises Project. Nathupur  (Haryana)

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-JCB Pipes, Project. Hisar  (Haryana) 

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Maharaja Agarsen College Project.  Delhi

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Arjan Infocom, Project. Kundli  (Sonipat)

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Warehouse at Dharuhera

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Satluj Spintex Project.  Mansa

          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Shakti Industries Project Ahmadgarh (Punjab)

  • December-2012
          Jindal Buildsys Bags-Luminous Mobile Project Gagrate, (H.P)

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