Following are the standard claddings offered by Jindal Buildsys:

JB Rib

Widely accepted, popular and cost effective trapezoidal profile with 35mm deep trough, 250mm pitch, has wide pans with stiffener ribs. The precision engineered profile configuration incorporates male /female ends with full return leg & anti-capillary flute at side lap thus ensuring leak proof sheeting capable of efficient water drain out. The profile is also available in crimp-curved form for semi-circular/ arched roofing & flashings.

Sectional Properties

0.45 8.74  4.11  9.99
 0.50  9.72  4.57  11.11
 0.55  10.64  5.03  12.23
 0.60  11.67  5.49  13.35

Load Span Table

BMT (MM) 1.40 Mtr 1.60 Mtr 1.80Mtr 2.00Mtr
0.45 203/289/387 135/192/258 93/134/180 67/96/130
0.50 226/322/431 124/178/238 104/149/200 74/17/145
0.55 249/354/474 165/235/316 114/164/220 82/118/159
0.60 271/387/517 180/257/345 125/179/240 89/129/174


JB Wall (recommended for  Wall)

JB Metal Deck

Profile is ideally suited for steel decking application both as form work/permanent shuttering for casting RCC roof on Steel Purlins as well as for composite decking for Roof/Floor Slabs. The Profile geometry is custom engineered to optimize structural efficiency, economise concrete consumption and minimize extraneous usage of cement & steel. buy online canada 198...

Steel decking, besides providing a safe working platform, also enables faster construction, cost savings, avoidance of messy, cumbersome shuttering & de-shuttering, props, underside plastering & painting. Steel decking is possible to cast a number of floors simultaneously.

Sectional Properties

0.8 24.45 12.02
1.0 32.87 14.94
1.2 39.22 17.83
1.6 51.68 23.49

Load Span Table

BMT (MM) 1.6 Mtr 1.8 Mtr 2.0Mtr 2.5Mtr
0.45 396/442/594 277/310/416 201/226/302 103/116/151
0.50 492/545/738 341/387/518 251/282/377 127/144/191
0.55 587/648/877 411/462/619 301/330/451 153/171/228
0.60 773/870/1154 542/610/815 395/445/580 201/222/303

JB Leak Lock ™

JJB Leak Lock is a system comprising of Sheets joined together with a double lock standing seam and uniquely designed clip formed into the seam at the building site in a pattern that requires no through fasteners of holes. The panels are joined and sealed together by a portable electric seamer.

This special system comes with several unique features offered uniquely in India.


A World-class System
with a interlocking Standing Seam Roof Panels, which provide long-term superior weather tightness.



60 mm Increased Depth
High Rib of 60 mm offering superior sectional properties, which give it a higher strength and ensure quicker drainage of water.



360° Mechanical Seam
100% leak-proof




Fully Seamed Roof
Uniquely profiled & seamed ridge cap for enhanced weather tightness and rigidity at roof apex.



Sectional Properties

Thickness(mm) 0.5 0.6
Section Inertia(cm4/m) 11.13 13.35
Section Resistance(cm³/m) 2.34 2.80


  • Use of specially designed, proprietary concealed clips for fixing leads to a puncture free roof ensuring no leakages through fastener holes.
  • Sheets in long lengths, far beyond transportable lengths made available due to feasibility of site rolling.
  • End laps which have potential for water ingress eliminated by use of single sheet from eave to ridge.
  • Raised seam provides deeper roof drainage and low roof pitch.
  • Moveable tabs in clips accommodate roof movement with daily and seasonal temperature changes.
  • Leak proof side laps are possible by machine seaming the edge through a full 360°
  • Faster roof installation with reduced operator fatigue possible by use of compact, heavy duty portable  seaming machine.
  • Excellent geometrical properties due to high profile depth and intermediate stiffening ribs, enables span of more than 2 meters for roofing.

What’s New

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  • December-2012
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